Tony Cooper, Trimix Instructor, Ambassador for Hollis Gear, UK
”I would like to thank all that have helped me on my journey so far, but the big thanks goes to my friends (Bros) these guys make you feel part of there family right from the start, they will do everything they can to help you achieve you to become a great technical diver, the guys I am speaking of is Jonas Samuelsson, Erik Brown, Aron Daníel Arngrímsson all part of Dahab Divers Technical / Team Blue Immersion,,
I got to Dahab at the beginning of December 2012 and was staying there till March 2013 on my first part of the training that I would be doing with the boys. I had been a tech diver from 2004 and was one of the side mount pioneer’s for many years, I was here to become a better tech diver, to learning the new methodology that has improved tech diving as we know it now, I was also here to become a Trimix instructor, all this started in December where I started by observing divers diving to 200m both with the boys (TBI)DDT) and Pascal Bernabe (330m Record holder) and to become a support diver for such dives this teaches you many things about deep diving, to listen and be involved around such people was a lesson in it self, a massive learning curve. Jonas was the one to show me the skills I needed to improve my tech diving and to teach me the methodology behind it, so back to back mount for me he also showed me that logistically back mount makes deeper diving easier, which when you could be carrying many tanks, ie: for my 104m dive was 2 on the back and 3 on the side, as a support diver I carried two on the back then 8 around me. The was also many discussions about the deeper diving that was going on here in Dahab, Dahab is logistically easy for deep diving, long as your training is good, which with these boy that is guaranteed, Jonas has an over load of knowledge in the field of tech which he has done for many years, and his knowledge of all things to do with diving & teaching is vast. With deeper diving comes gas blending and at DDT Aron is your man for this (although cannot forget Salah) Aron took me through gas blending with cocktail mixes and ways of explain things about gas blending made the whole bas blending thing easy, Aron helped me to on many other things tech on my stay there, I got the chance to go exploring with him on many dives. I also got a chance to show / teach some Side mount for the team, to a course director and a couple of TBI interns, when Erik got back from Mexico, Erik showed me some new great ideas that he had picked up on his travel’s. Both Erik and myself have been sharing ideas for the past couple of years. I then went on to learn the way Erik teaches his Technical SM course, I picked up a lot from being their with Erik and seeing the way he teaches side mount and tech, we got to do many tech dives together Erik has a very keen eye for detail which make diving become easier, as a diver it is hard to see some things you are doing or not doing so to have Erik there not only to see what needs to change but to help you is awesome, again got loads of diving and exploring done with Erik to.The 3 of them have a vast knowledge in technical diving, and are friendly, funny, helpful, easy to get on with, will make you fit right in there, I recommend any one with out a shadow of a doubt to go visit, dive and learn from these boys, the have a passion for what they do, for me I have gained many new friends (you know who you are) not just in the boys but in the whole of Dahab it is a friendly place, but I gained a family in TBI, on my trip to Dahab in my 12 weeks there on Part one of my trip with the boys,, planning part two now!! Cannot wait.. See you soon brothers.. Jonas Samuelsson, Erik Brown, Aron Daníel Arngrímsson, Salah Sobhi, Dahab Divers Technical”