Below you find testimonials from a range of different people who visited Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical. You find Divers, Instructors, Course Directors, Instructor Trainers, Journalists, Authors, Diving Pioneers, World Record holders, Staff from Diving organizations, Engineers and others who speak out about their experiences diving with TBI.

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From Mark Carmichael who took a month from his sabbatical to train with us

“What better way to spend a sabbatical than to enjoy a month in Egypt diving with the professionals from Team Blue Immersion! I have been fortunate enough to have dived in a wide variety of places around the world and can tell you that Dahab is the place to further your technical diving skills. It is true that the instructors make or break your diving progression and experience and the team at TBI do it right! I initially worked with Adam and then Erik took over to guide me through Advanced Trimix and Module One Closed Circuit Rebreather of the exceptional Hollis PRISM 2 (On the wish list for Christmas). All the diving progression you make with this team will be methodical and at the optimum pace for your ability, demonstrating a level of professionalism not matched anywhere else. The learning experience with TBI was fantastic as every team member was involved in all dive planning and no details were left out. Most memorable dives included 130m at Bells, 115m Bells to Blue Hole, diving through the arch, deep exploration of the Abu Talah Canyon System and of course Neptune’s Cave with Adam and a Hammer Head Shark on his Birthday!!!! Dahab has got so much to offer and the team from TBI will go blue in the face trying to show you everything. Thanks again guys, I will be back to do some deep rebreather stuff next year – Mark Carmichael, Australia.”

Monty Halls (England) is a TV broadcaster, explorer and marine biologist, BBC Great Escape.

“We had the great pleasure of working with Team Blue Immersion during the filming of a new series about the Blue Hole. We presented them with a series of daunting logistical challenges, and demanded a great deal from them during the course of the shoot. They responded to every situation with faultless professionalism, and it became standard practice for us that any diving problem could be quickly solved by the “Blue Immersion boys”. Their diving skills are second to none, their attitude is outstanding, and they added immensely to the safety and enjoyment of the filming process. I’d use them again without hesitation.” –

Kevin Gurr (VR Technology: Inventor, Author, Tec Dive Pioneer)

Kevin Gurr has been involved with Technical Diving since its’ inception in Europe. As well as being the first Technical Diving instructor outside the USA, he has led and been a part of many expeditions; the first sport dives on the Britannic in 1997, treasure hunting in the Pacific (and several other locations World-wide), film making and a dive on the Titanic in the MIR submarines to name a few. As an engineer and diver he has developed several ground breaking products for the diving industry from trimix computers to rebreathers in VR Technology Ltd.

“I have been to the Red Sea on many occasions over the years. This time it was a bit different. On a recent trip to shoot the first program in a new diving series, the team and I were very pleased to find ourselves working with the guys from Blue Immersion. Aron, Eric and Jonas obviously love what they do and have an impressive track record as diving educators over a large array of Technical Diving disciplines. Over our period with them they made time to support us as Safety Divers, organise and pump gas and run a series of courses for themselves. Pretty impressive and they obviously enjoyed themselves at the same time which is
what it is all about. Thanks Guys! and I look forward to working with you again very soon. Appreciate organising the loan of the pink watch Anne! It saved the day…..!”

Nick Hollis, President Hollis Gear.
“We are pleased to announce Jonas Samuelsson & Team Blue Immersion in Dahab, Egypt as our newest Hollis Ambassador. Exciting things are in the works from this collaboration, stay tuned”

Anne, Tec Instructor @ TecWise/RecWise, Malta
“I wasn’t sure if I was good enough for the course at beginning. Thank you for all your help, support, and patience, letting me go slowly from lots of shallow water practice. I shall keep diving tecs(there are wrecks I want to go here in Malta) and gain more confidence. Someday, I will go down to 100m!!! …or not (;-P) Arch, Neptune Cave, wonderful dives, with great team!! You all are awesome!! Lucky me, having chance to dive with such team!!” https://www.facebook.com/annejpn.diving

Trevor Sanford (PADI Executive Social Media)

Trevor completed Tec40 and Sidemount with us the first time around when he visited us and the second time (April 2013) he completed the OceanReef Integrated Diving Mask and Communications Course plus the TecSidemount.

Here is the blogs that Trevor wrote on www.padi.com after the completion of the training.
- PADI Sidemount Course with Team Blue Immersion
- TecRec 40 Course with Team Blue Immersion

Trevor Sanford (Executive PADI EMEA, Sidemount and Tec40)
“After 12 awesome days in Dahab its time to head home! Thanks to all who made it a great holiday. Erik Brown for being a great teacher. Benjamin Nobel and Ola Hellman Nielsen for helping share the flies at breakfast. But they are all meer children in the shadow of Jonas Samuelsson a Colossus bestriding our tempered lives and leading us on the path of righteousness. cheers all!!”

Katherine Berlin who completed TBI TMX Master Class with TBI in June 2013

“On June 22nd I completed the TBI Master Class Course with the most awesome dive descending to 145m at Bells next to the wall.. like a dream.. Since then I just want to go down there again and it’s hard to be back to reality after this course! Even though I’m proud to have reached the depth, the greatest accomplishment is to have made it in a controlled and good way, including the planning and preparation. There is so much more to those precious minutes at the bottom and as Jonas says “depth is easy”, it has to be done with style. Since I’ve been doing all my Sidemount and Trimix courses as an intern at Team Blue Immersion I knew I was in the right place for the course; Erik, Aron and Jonas are simply the best ..with Salah on the top, can’t get enough of his excellent Tmx blends. I’ve also been lucky to have dive buddy Costa who is a great diver and a great guy! The course was two weeks of intense training, divided into theory sections and training dives. My first big challenge was to try the 20l steel twinset which I used to think of as the Monster twins – and I made it! Now I miss them.. It would have been disappointing to be restricted by their weight but actually 11l or 15l twinsets would have been enough for this course. We still used 20l tanks to get used to them for eventually deeper dives. We spent the first days of the course in shallow water practicing trim and buoyancy while rolling up to five deco tanks. Even though the two weeks of the course went very fast we progressed slowly making gradually deeper dives intervalled by classroom sessions about dive planning, decompression theory, gas management, V-planner, safety procedures, team organization including support.. the list goes on. Costa and I were also shallow support for a 155m dive at Bells carrying deco tanks for the last gas switch and picking up used tanks. It was good practice and mental preparation for the dives waiting: 110, 125 and 145. We made these dives every second day while spending the dry days in between planning and preparing for the next one. Such a perfect routine..
Thank you all; Jonas and the team for excellent training and great dives with Costa and Rob as support, Salah for gas blends and assistance together with driver Mansour. Looking forward for part two..!!!!”

From Costa Benedic who completed the TBI TMX Master Class with Katherine in June 2013

“When you look for a top technical diving Trainer and facility, you have to do it carefully. I was looking to extend my deep technical diving skills so I started to monitor Jonas and his Team Blue Immersion with long time in advance. Facebook and other media news were a great help for me. I liked what I sow and I decided to go for my next level of training with them. Arrangements and general planning were on paper with 4 months in advance. When the day come and arrived in Dahab (June 07, 2013) at the TBI – DDT dive center, I had the confirmation that is going to be just excellent. The equipments are at a very high standard and the entire TBI team is excellent, not only professional but as (fun) people as well. All of them a highly trained and between all of them, you have everything you want in the technical area. The Trimix Master Class diver course was my option! After two very intensive weeks of theory and water training, I achieved my personal best of -145m dive on June 22, 2013 at The Bells. But on the top of everything, the amount of information and skills learned during those two weeks are much more important then those 3 digits. And these informations and skills are the ones who counts for me! Thank you to Kathrine – my tough buddy diver and to Jonas – the team leader. Big thank you to the entire TBI team: Aron for his in water training, Erick for his theory advices, Rob for his in-water support, Salah for his precise gas mixtures, Mansour for his on land support and to all others for their moral support! See you in the near future for harder training and deeper dives”

From Benjamin Nobel who completed Technical Diving Instructor Internship with TBI

“To: PADI Quality Management Subject: Compliments: Dear Sirs, I would like to draw your attention today to Team Blue Immersion, consisting of the Members Jonas Semuelsson (CD 72605), Erik Brown (IDCS 285393) and Aron Daniel Arngrimsson (IDCS 495937), teaching in their Center Dahab Divers Technical 35225. After completing my IE in April this year and my technical student levels in the middle of this year, I decided to spend last 3 month of 2013 in Egypt with Team Blue Immersion doing the Technical Instructor Internship they offer. During this time I did several student level courses and the corresponding instructor level courses, including Tec Deep Intructor, Tec Trimix Instructor and others. The internship covered a total of at least 12 different certifications. Jonas, Erik and Aron did an exceptional job of including me as Instructor-Trainee into the teaching staff. As part of the Technical Instructor Package I was not only learning to teach technical diving, but to run a technical diving center, deal with customers, fill gases, all at an exceptional high quality standard that far exceed the minimum standards set by PADI. Especially in respect to safey, a major concern in technical diving, Team Blue Immersion teaches in such a secure and conservative way that in 3 month nothing even close to an accident happened, and pass this way of conducting and teaching technical diving on towards the Intructor-Trainees like me. Apart from the general accomplishment as a team, I want to mention the individual strengths and accomplishments of the three members: – Jonas was as the Course Director the person in charge for the Instructor courses. His insight as both an extremely experienced Course Director, and as seasoned technical instuctor, offered tips and improvements on one’s teaching style that very few Instructor Trainers could offer. Overall Jonas teaches instructor courses in a way that very far exceeds the minimum “standards-teaching”, creating excellent Intructors in this way that will teach the PADI system extremely safely and with high quality in the future. – Erik, as the main instructor for sidemount and technical diving, is teaching his courses well above the standards. Especially with Instructor-Trainees like me he takes a lot of time and effort in getting the details straight to form excellent divers. After completing my instructor-courses I was team-teaching a lot with him, where he offered a lot of insights and oppinions on teaching the courses. He was not holding any knowledge back, but always tried to mentor me into being an excellent instructor with his vast experience. – Aron focussed a lot on teaching the management of the technical diving shop. Gas blending, equipment maintenance, paperwork and organisation of the students and their equipment were dealt with in an excellent manner. While Jonas and Erik focussed more on the diving, Aron put all knowledge of everything in- and out of the water together into a package of which I am sure it makes me not only an excellent Instructor, but also more employable in the future. Overall I am extremely pleased with the last 3 month I spent in Egypt, learning to teach technical diving in an environment of quality and safety I would have imagined possible before. Those three individuals take the PADI system of education, and especially the relatively new technical diving part, to a completely new level, and in my oppinon deserve the highest honors from PADI for their way of representing both the organization and diving in general. With best regards from Germany, Benjamin Nobel #305599″

Divers Around, Diving Community
This is a an amazing photo,Mr Jonas,one of the best I have seen in a long time,I follow your post daily and I think your work is impeccable.I wish all dive centres around the world while do things as your team does,thank you

Ola Nielsen (Tec Instructor/Team Teaching Internship)
“Tour Egypt 2012 part 2 is going towards it end. Like always in this second home of mine, it has been a great time with loads of new experiences and meetings. Diving has been absolutely worldclass as usual, with dives in mythical Blue Hole, stunning Abu Helal, breath-taking Neptune’s Cave/Canyon and new favourite Caves. Oldtime favourite Gorgonia Garden is difficult to beat.
Teaching and assisting tech classes in two contintents, with students and instructors from all over the planet, all with different background, is of course rewarding and developing for us all being involved. Meeting some very old friends, some somewhat less old and huge bunch of new long time dive buddies has all together made this time a blast together we make magic!
Erik, Aron and Jonas in Team Blue Immersion, thanks for letting me be part of the team and being the best dive companions, mentors and not the least friends ever to walk on Mother Earth. Benjamin Nobel, for never skipping a trimix dive and being the perfect dive buddy, Chris Haslam for making the impossible possible and acting as great motivator for the rest of us, Team Malaysia and Steen Gerner Jensen for being the perfect students for hours and hours of practice. Pascal Bernabe for being a great inspirateur. Also thanks to Soren Wiesauer Dykker-butikken for hiring me, Colona Divers Hurghada for hosting. To Matteo Minellono and IANTD Egypt for the Normoxic Trimix Instructor rating. And a huge bunch of new but long lasting friends, you know who you are!”

Sergio Gamberini, President, Ocean Reef INC.
“I have the pleasure to announce the starting of a new and exciting collaboration with Mr Jonas Samuelsson, Aron Arngrimsson, Erik Brown and Blue Immersion Diving of Dahab – Egypt .Jonas is now a Premium Member of the Team OCEAN REEF and he will be our Ambassador in the Diving World.His operations in DAHAB – Egypt , Blue Immersion , is now starting to operate like our International Training Center”

DIVER Magazine Journalist Robert Smith
“Thanks to the Aron and Erik for some awesome deep diving in Dahab. Alongside the laid back and friendly welcome these guys run a highly professional facility which can easily cater for the needs of technical divers wanting to explore the best deep sites in Dahab. Fully equipped for helium with mixing panel, Haskel and analysers and an ample supply of good quality kit for hire e.g. Apex, Hollis etc. And these guys know how to dive. Leading edge dive and gas planning allowed me to enjoy some impressive deep dives without the need to make peace with my gods beforehand. The use of in water support teams for dives beyond 100m was a good example of this. And the diving? The best I’ve done in the Red Sea to date. Coral caves and canyons that kept me excited even as a full cave diver with 100+ cave dives. The arch in the Blue Hole and the Blue Hole itself are world class. My only complaint? I didn’t have my rebreather with me. Next time…….. Please can I book a trimix course for my son Jake for 10 years time……”

Tsetsi Roustchev, (Bulgaria: TecDeep and Normoxic Trimix)
“In my path of finding myself, I found you guys with the help of Teo and Misho. I respected your world and you made me one of you. This opened a new layer of diving for me. The one that has no limits, except those of your training and skills. Jonas, a man with a powerful energy. A man that you can only respect and trust. Thank you for accepting me in your team . Aron, my personal instructor! You gave me a training and confidence to reach limits, that many people can’t. I felt you as a real buddy and a friend, who I’ll love to dive and train with again. Eric, I like your world of chalange. I like the way you work with
people and I would love to dive Side Mount with you. Ola, my buddy! I felt comfortable with you. Thank you. Ben, I am happy to know you! Sala, thanks for all the support and keeping the dive center in TOP condition. This really matters! Bottom line, guys, is that I can’t wait to be with you again. For training and for fun”

Tim Bicknelle (Tec and Sidemount Diver, UK)
“After doing a Sidemount Try Dive previously, with some experience and an interest in Technical Diving primarily to reach places I wanted to visit safely that I couldn’t single tank diving, I decided to take thinks further. After some research and recommendation from other highly qualified and respected Technical divers and friends I contacted Team Blue Immersion in Dahab – Egypt. I explained where I was, as far as diving experience, and what I was looking for. I am pleased to report I received a very quick response, which was fully detailed, and to me seemed to purvey a deep understanding of Sidemount Technical diving and also what I required as a prospective customer. It is, after all in life possible to have technical skills but IMHO to teach and understand is another matter.After a couple of emails I was convinced I had found the sort of dive operation and instruction I was looking for..This inspired me to book up – I am glad I did. On arrival at their excellent diving facility in Dahab – they have their own self contained operation at Dahab Divers – I was warmly greeted by the team of Jonas, Erik and Aron. They immediately impressed me with their knowledge and professionalism, that for me, contains just the right balance of in depth technical expertise and a relaxed professional attitude. Their dive facility is loaded with all the latest equipment and very smart classroom facilities. My week consisted of in-depth kit setup, local skill dives at The Lighthouse dive site and dives at ever more fantastic dive locations, Full Canyon and The Arch at the Blue Hole to name a few, coupled with knowledge reviews and technical classroom sessions. My instructor Erik was very professional, and always seemed to have the knack of focusing on the most important parts of the dive, skills and reviews, and all credit to him, I managed to absorb a lot. He certainly has patience and you can see he loves his job. It shows. The outcome ? A very happy diver, some amazing dive sites visited that I have always wanted to dive correctly and safely. (read here using Trimix not Air), and guess what, I have already booked to go back and do more. That in itself is testimonial to the Gents at Team Blue Immersion.”

9th of October, 2012, Erin Spencer. Follower of Team Blue Immersion Channel on Vimeo (www.vimeo.com/teamblueimmersionfx)
Hi Jonas and the Blue Immersion team!
How are you? I’ve seen this video before many times, but after watching a documentary on the television tonight on the Great Barrier Reef, caught the tale end of an advert which had used this same music. I recognised it straightaway and then it occurred to me; I knew it from a Blue Immersion video. I had to go straight on to Youtube to watch the video so I could find the song! I’ve just ended up watching the video over and over. Haha. It’s completely awesome. Beautiful and magical. Whoever chose the music is a genius as it fits absolutely perfectly! It’s inspiring, catching and makes me want to go and put all of my equipment on and jump in the ocean! What you guys are doing is truly brilliant, and I just felt compelled to say!
Safe diving, Erin :-)

Teo Brambilla, PADI REGIONAL MANAGER, EGYPT (MIDDLE EAST). 28th of July, 2012.
Thanks a lot for the Tec Sidemount Training and for 3 fantastic days. You have a great team. Highly recommended.

The Equalizer Magazine – Interview
Read interview with Jonas Samuelsson in The Equalizer 2013.

James Beringer-Pooley” ROV Pilot, North Sea, 20th of July, 2012.
“I just spent two weeks at Dahab Divers Technical doing my TDI Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures and Extended Range courses. The level of instruction from Jonas, Aron and Chris was exceptional, and the technical facility is superbly organized and run. The diving in the Blue Hole and Canyons is some of the best I have ever done, and I am enormously pleased I chose to advance my diving through DDT. I am now a much more confident and skilled diver than ever before thanks to the guy’s patience and experience. So a big Thank You to the whole team at Dahab Divers Technical and Team Blue Immersion, see you again soon I hope!”

Jesper Kjøller. Editor in Chief. DYK and DIVE THE WORLD. 6th July, 2012.
“Thanks to everybody at Dahab Divers Technical – especially Jonas Samuelsson, Erik Brown and Aron Daníel Arngrímsson On behalf on me, DYK and DIVE THE WORLD. I really appreciate your hospitality and I enjoyed the stay very much. It was great to dive with you guys and I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences in Dahab with the readers over the next months. See you soon, Insha Allah” …

Read letters from Nori (Japan) and Michal (Polen) who dived with us in March 2012

Jon De Ath (TDI TecDiver)2013
“I must confess, after watching the TBI videos and looking at the photos, I was a little apprehensive about doing a course with them in Dahab. They all looked a bit tooooo cool. There was Kurt Cobain who had accidentally stumbled into a Hollis catalogue photoshoot, and over there Thor Heyerdahl in twins, 3 deco bottles and a suspiciously body hugging dry suit. Would they turn out to be a bunch of ‘ego driven super macho tec guru dicks? Nothing could be further from the truth. The incredibly warm welcome and sense of inclusion I felt was refreshing. What really stood out, was the sense that this wasn’t simply a ‘buy this course and you get 4 dives and that’s it’ kind of mentality. I really got the sense that (within reason) you take a course and you do as many dives as it takes to really be confident at that level. Aron gave me the guidance, time and the space to progress confidently, and I came away a far safer and more accomplished diver; exactly what I wanted. So yeah, I’ll be back for more this summer. And that Nirvana front man isn’t dead. He’s just switched to Sidemount…………………..

Nat Lefort (Instructor, Mexico) 11th of May, 2012
I am officially a PADI Master Instructor as of today!!!! Thank you to Jonas Samuelsson and Nathaniel C. Wilson for your support, training and friendship over the last 7 years of my career. When i make Course Director next year i will dedicate my certification to you both!

PADI Course Director Christophe Pace, Phuk, Thailand 11th of May, 2012
A proper Technical Rescue course, 2 years to create and have the course approved by PADI. The course has been created by legendary TEC IT Jonas Samuelsson member of Team Blue Immersion in Dahab.

PLease check the Equaliser from page 8….pure professionalism…

Charlie Kessler (TDI Tec Diver, USA)
“Sitting by the pool with a glass of wine reflecting on my busy day. I finished my tech sidemount course on some of the best dive sites Egypt has to offer, HMS Thistlegorm and the place where diving started for me, Yolanda Reef. This trip has been great. I want to thank Team Blue Immersion for the top notch training and the all around fun times. You guys rock and you have my referral for anyone hoping to pursue tech diving. I knew I chose the right team. As for the remaining time on my trip; it’s time for me to dry out a little, offgas and decompress, and enjoy the land based activities that Sharm has to offer. So… what to do with my night???”

Lieven Bogaert (Trimix Instructor) February 2012
Back home from 2 weeks of trimix and sidemount diving. Thanks to new friends and great instructors Jonas Samuelsson, Erik Brown and Aron Daníel Arngrímsson. Also thanks to buddiesWilliam Remezond, Dimitri Galle, Nene Kurronen and Zakaria El-sayed. It’s been a great time and I’ll be back!

More from Lieven… after a few months reflection…

William Remezond (Trimix Instructor) Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Hi Zakaria El-sayed i didnt thank you for the 100 meter dive. Jonas Samuelsson, Aron Daníel Arngrímsson and Erik Brown you are the best team. Hope to see you next time Zakaria

Dimitri Galle, TecRec, IANTD & GUE
“wrapping up 2 weeks in Dahab: certified trimix, dozen or so great dives,raised the bar here and there for myself and a premier league team at Blue Immersion who are beside a bunch of kickass instructors also real personalities and super fun people to hang out with.muchas gracias folks!”

Read Dimitri’s full testimonial here

Alexander Ivashkin (TDI Tec Diver, Russia) 2012-2013, Moscow, Moscow City, Russia
Hey Jonas! Had a really great time with you guys at DDT!
Hope to see you again some time!

Jamie Macleod, Technical IT, Founder of the US Submarine. Lagorto.
After teaching diving in Thailand for more than 20 years I’d heard endless stories about the Red Sea so when my old mate Jonas moved there to teach tec diving it was an ideal time to see if what it was all about.Tec diving in the Gulf of Thailand is truly world class, all wrecks, and all between 50-80m, but the big problem is that any worthwhile wreck is at least an overnight run, sometimes two days.So deep diving for me meant buying and equipping a 30m liveaboard and spending a week at sea at a time. I was really looking forward to some deep easy diving with some beers in the afternoons. Steve, Simon and myself flew from the Uk , arriving in Sharm in the afternoon, we had a look around , far too many drinks and took a one hour cab journey to Dahab the next day.Fortunately there was no diving planned for that day so we spent some time assembling my Inspiration and making sure the O/C had the correct kit. The staff at Planet Divers were spot on, in fact a bit too spot on, they found all the hidden dinks on the Inspo’s tanks and wouldn’t fill them, but had a new pair I could use.Everything was available and nothing was too much trouble , sorb, very accurate tmx fills, deco cyls, straps, all the little tiny clips you need, even a VR3 battery tool. The rental kit was used and well maintained, the shiny new stuff always worries me!This is the team that blended gas and supported some world record 300m dives, so a trio of muppets from England were easy for them.I put the Inspo together , put in the pool for a leak test and then down to the lads’ local the Yalla Bar, overlooking Dahab bay. The water was full of divers all doing different things, but a cold cheap beer was better.We stayed at Planet Divers Guest House, perfect for an early start to dive in Dahab to get sorted out before the deeper dives. We kitted up, walked across the road and in. I wanted to give the breather some time to show any problems so I messed around in the shallows while I waited for the others to get ready.When they finally joined me we swam about a bit , down to 55m , up the slope , bit of deco and up, easy. Can’t really remember what we saw, fish and coral probably, as I was more concerned that everything was working ok. I do remember that Jonas got completely lost , however, and we exited a long way from the starting point. He mumbled something about planned exits etc, but no one was listening.The next morning we met to analyze gases, submit a plan for a dive to 80m and load the trucks. The dive staff took really good care of the kit and the blends were perfect again. The drive to the Blue hole took about 30mins, nothing but desert on the way and not much more when we arrived. We set up outside a restaurant and had a coffee while Jonas gave us a detailed briefing. Conditions were good, all we had to do is get the kit on, walk 10 yards and descend to 80m then come up and do some deco.And that’s exactly what we did, easy peasy. After the dive Jonas took us to the end of the bay and showed us the memorials of some of the numerous divers that didn’t find it so easy. The diving was easy, though, great vis right to the bottom, no current, a wall then a slope to follow. It would be very easy to get complacent, cut a few corners and make a mess of it.I was really that Jonas and his team treated each dive as a stand alone dive, not just one of dozens of 70m -120m dives they do each month.The next day we planned a dive to the magical 100m at the Blue Hole , we used the same mixes and procedures as the previous day so the extra 20m didn’t make much difference. Simon, who most wanted to log a 100m dive, only made it to 98.5m, gave us a lot of laughs pretending he didn’t care.If we had more time, a dive through the arch at 120m would be nice, but that was it for our trip. The diving was very accessible, technical support back at the shop was excellent, and the support for the dives too. Thankyou very much, teamblue immersion , for introducing me to deep shore diving, also the Yalla bar for the cold cheap beers.If you fancy some deep diving, but not a week’s liveaboard scrambling around inside wrecks,or in muddy caves, this a great way to do it. It certainly beats any other reef diving I’ve done”

Mahmoud Sherazi, TDI/SDI/PADI Instructor
“In my career, i had contact/classess from about 30 instructors. none are even close to you. you are number one. i hope the whole world knows it. or at least i will do my part and spread thw words. happy new year, my hero”

Samir Masri, Trimix Instrucor, Aquatica Escuela de Buceo Divecenter, San Salvador, EL Salvador
Team Blue Immersion, formed with only the best in the World, Jonas Samuelsson, Eric, and Aron ! Cheers and enjoy ! Though I am on the other side of the world, yet I am not far, I must go do the same this year and bring back and learn from the worlds best and teach it here !<

Jeff Glenn, PADI Course Director/Trimix Instructor Trainer, Koh Tao
“I’d seen it. I’d read about it. Saw images on You Tube of technical divers descending to its bottom…Looked pretty damn cool to me. I wanted a piece of it. So when I decided it was time to challenge myself further in the technical world of Diving, there was really only one place to visit….The technical Divers Mecca of Dahab and the opportunity to dive the Blue Hole.”

Mike Sobel, PADI Course Director, Cozumel
“Congrats and Happy Birthday Team Blue Immersion. Jonas, your work in the field of diving is unsurpassed and I am sure that you will be a pioneer in what ever you do.”

Juan Rodriguez, TDI Instructor, Sharm El Sheik
“I would like to thank Teem Blue Immersion in Dahab for the last two weeks of training and diving! Thanks Jonas for sharing of your knowledge, both in the class room as in the water, a pleasure to learn from you! Erik, for all your knowledge, tips and dives we made with the sidemount, specially the Blue Hole dive, one of the best dives I have made, and I’m sure we will be doing it again, i know now where to find a good buddy! Thank you! Aron, I’m amaze to see how you manage that super camera during your tec dives!! I be looking forward to see the movie you made of our sidemount adventures, i’m curious about the shots of Erik and I swimming around the arch hehehe….keep me posted and thanks for everything! And Jonas…..I be coming back soon for our fun dive! Dive safe and thanks once again, see you all soon !!!
PS: For those divers looking for serious diving education in the area of Dahab, Teem Blue Immersion, not only has the high educated crew but also the facility, who offers comfort and easy access to both shallow and deep water just 20m away from the dive center, making it easy for the instructors, to teach any kind of courses, from recreational diving up to technical diving, in the most relax way you will ever experience!
All the best to the team!”

Anders Holmberg (PADI Course Director, Owner Fantasea Sweden)
I had the pleasure to dive with Jonas during my TecRec Instructor traing this summer. We lured him back to the north. To the deep, cold bottom in lake Vattern in Sweden. The weeks of diving and Tec discussions was great. I had a fantastic time and from the enormous amounts of laughter and jokes, so did Jonas and the rest of the gang. Thanks a million Jonas for the excellent training and for being a great friend.

Nori-San, Trimix Instructor Japan.
“I’ve just gone back my home last night in safety, after the 30 hours long trip. Many thanks for teaching me the course. I really learned a lot of things during my stay over there in your place. You are super great tec instructor trainer!! I know I still need a lot to practice and learn, as you said this is just beginning. Anyway thanks so much again, and hope can see you soon not too far.”

Tony Cooper, Trimix Instructor, Ambassador for Hollis Gear, UK
”I would like to thank all that have helped me on my journey so far, but the big thanks goes to my friends (Bros) these guys make you feel part of there family right from the start, they will do everything they can to help you achieve you to become a great technical diver, the guys I am speaking of is Jonas Samuelsson, Erik Brown, Aron Daníel Arngrímsson all part of Dahab Divers Technical / Team Blue Immersion,,
I got to Dahab at the beginning of December 2012 and was staying there till March 2013 on my first part of the training that I would be doing with the boys. I had been a tech diver from 2004 and was one of the side mount pioneer’s for many years, I was here to become a better tech diver, to learning the new methodology that has improved tech diving as we know it now, I was also here to become a Trimix instructor, all this started in December where I started by observing divers diving to 200m both with the boys (TBI)DDT) and Pascal Bernabe (330m Record holder) and to become a support diver for such dives this teaches you many things about deep diving, to listen and be involved around such people was a lesson in it self, a massive learning curve. Jonas was the one to show me the skills I needed to improve my tech diving and to teach me the methodology behind it, so back to back mount for me he also showed me that logistically back mount makes deeper diving easier, which when you could be carrying many tanks, ie: for my 104m dive was 2 on the back and 3 on the side, as a support diver I carried two on the back then 8 around me. The was also many discussions about the deeper diving that was going on here in Dahab, Dahab is logistically easy for deep diving, long as your training is good, which with these boy that is guaranteed, Jonas has an over load of knowledge in the field of tech which he has done for many years, and his knowledge of all things to do with diving & teaching is vast. With deeper diving comes gas blending and at DDT Aron is your man for this (although cannot forget Salah) Aron took me through gas blending with cocktail mixes and ways of explain things about gas blending made the whole bas blending thing easy, Aron helped me to on many other things tech on my stay there, I got the chance to go exploring with him on many dives. I also got a chance to show / teach some Side mount for the team, to a course director and a couple of TBI interns, when Erik got back from Mexico, Erik showed me some new great ideas that he had picked up on his travel’s. Both Erik and myself have been sharing ideas for the past couple of years. I then went on to learn the way Erik teaches his Technical SM course, I picked up a lot from being their with Erik and seeing the way he teaches side mount and tech, we got to do many tech dives together Erik has a very keen eye for detail which make diving become easier, as a diver it is hard to see some things you are doing or not doing so to have Erik there not only to see what needs to change but to help you is awesome, again got loads of diving and exploring done with Erik to.The 3 of them have a vast knowledge in technical diving, and are friendly, funny, helpful, easy to get on with, will make you fit right in there, I recommend any one with out a shadow of a doubt to go visit, dive and learn from these boys, the have a passion for what they do, for me I have gained many new friends (you know who you are) not just in the boys but in the whole of Dahab it is a friendly place, but I gained a family in TBI, on my trip to Dahab in my 12 weeks there on Part one of my trip with the boys,, planning part two now!! Cannot wait.. See you soon brothers.. Jonas Samuelsson, Erik Brown, Aron Daníel Arngrímsson, Salah Sobhi, Dahab Divers Technical”

Bear Smith (TecRec40-45-50 and Tec Deep Instructor Course – Nov/Dec 2011)

A huge thank you to my friends Jonas Samuelsson, Aron Daníel Arngrímsson and Erik Brown from Team Blue Immersion. A month of great friendship, superb technical training and epic dives, all in the lovely sunny Dahab. Gonna miss the place and you guys. See you in 2012 for some more, soon i hope.
Jeffrey Glenn, PADI Course Director (Trimix and Trimix Instructor Candidate – November/December 2011)
Am absolutely loving it here in dahab…the diving and the people are amazing…Thanks to Jonas Samuelsson, Erik Brown and Aron Daníel Arngrímsson for making it all happen, for your professionalism and sharing with us, your knowledge and love for deep diving…….

Letter from a family member of one of the men who fought and died on the US Coast Guard Cutter Alexander Hamilton in 1942 outside Reykjavik, Iceland.

Ora Stone Thank you and God Bless you all what a wonderful team u are myself and my family are so grateful to the team blue immersinon for making it possible for us to view a peace of history the video of the alexander hamilton cutter after all these… years..as sad as it is to know we lost a loving family member (Livingston Brooks) on the alexander hamilton in wwll (jan-29-1942) keep doing the wonderful work u do”

Nick Amidy completed a technical diving video course with Blue Immersion FX on the 18th of October 2011. Follow the link to see the final video Nick filmed at 50 meters in the Bluehole.

Click here to see the video

tec diving is worth every penny when u’re diving with the right ppl. thank youTeam Blue ImmersionAron Daníel Arngrímsson for being a great diver and a great guy, eric for the in-depth company n conversation, Jonas Samuelsson for setting it all up. and of course Ben Reymenants for making the introductions. see u all again very soon.

 · 02 October at 11:15

The PADI Underwater Videographer Course was a really great course for me to have undertaken. The instruction was perfect which thus enabled me to develop my love of stills photography to that of underwater videography. The video equipment and housing was excellent and was higher than i had seen by other dive schools The finished results in the video were amazing. I look forward to more courses with you and I would have no trouble in recommending you to my friends and associates.
Thanks guys,
Paul Thompson :-)

 · 6 hours ago

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After 10 years of recreational diving in various parts of the world we decided we wanted to take the first steps into technical diving. We contacted Jonas, our old friend and IDC Instructor from Koh Tao, Thailand. He explained us about the courses he teaches in Dahab, Egypt which made us even more enthusiastic.


Paul Diependaal

Jonas and his team told us to just buy a ticket and they would make sure everything was arranged for us when we arrived at the dive centre in Dahab. After we landed in Sharm el Sheikh we took a taxi ride and as promised everything was all sorted out for us. The room was ready and we were welcomed by the team.


Ewald Valom

The very next day we started our Tec Deep course. Two Instructors for just two students! We started with equipment explanation and some shallow dives on the house reef (Lighthouse reef) right off the beach next to the dive centre. During these shallow dives we were taught some new skills and we familiarized ourselves with the new equipment. We were struggling quite a bit at the start which made us feel like openwater students all over again but our instructors were very helpful and patient and made sure we mastered all the skills required before advancing to the deeper dives.


After two days of shallow diving and hours of practicing trim, trim, trim plus lods of skills over and over again on the house reef we were ready for the deeper dives and Jonas and his team brought us to divesites like Blue Hole with the famous Arch, and Canyons. We had the best dives of our lives! Over 60 meters of visibility, some amazing sceneries and we pushed our depth record to 50 meters! During this final dive we also asked Aron to film us so we have an amazing memory captured on dvd too.


The course was amazing, the crew of blue immersion did a fantastic job both during the training and dives.

From the very beginning after our arrival they made us feel part of their team. They took us along on a trip into the mountains for a genuine Bedouin barbeque.

They guided us trough Dahab, welcomed us in their homes and shared some fantastic dinners! They weren’t just our instructors, they also became our friends!

Thanks again Jonas, Eric, Aron, Zak and Zdenek for giving us an amazing week!

We plan to come back soon to continue with our Trimix course !

Paul Diependaal and Ewald Valom



יום חמישי 06 ינואר 2011, 11:31:47 | Andrew GilliganGo to full article

I was lucky enough to work with Jonas during my PADI Instructor Development Course it was one of the funnest and most rewarding times of my life, the course was so well run and hands on for all candidates that by the time of the Instructor Examination we were more then prepared. I found the lectures and presentations given by Jonas to be so easy to understand and enjoyable. I would recommend anyone with a passion for diving, weather it be recreational or professional to do some training at Blue Immersion with Jonas it will be filled with quality learning and good times.


I´m about to tell you a travel story about my adventures in Dahab, Egypt but before I do that i´ll give you a little bit of the background of why I decided to go to Egypt and diver deeper than most divers have ever been.

Photo by Erik Brown]


My dream about becoming a tec diver started in 2005 when i was working for Blue Planet Divers in Koh Lanta, Thailand. They were just setting up their Tec diving market with instructor Ben Cottrell in the lead. Every day as i was teaching beginners how to dive i was watching the big boys setting up their twintanks on the boat and calculating their dive profiles using decompression software. I was only 22 at the time and a full tech tig with deco tanks weighed more than me. I wanted to try it on, i kept on telling myself that one day, one day i will do it.


Time passed and i moved back to Koh Tao. While i was conducting Open Water courses, monitoring my students as they were doing surface skills at japanese gardens, the MV Trident would pass by filled with tec divers out exploring wrecks. For a brief second my mind would drift away, thinking about all the adventures laying deep down on the botton of the sea, all the hidden treasures of history yet waiting to be discovered. Over the years i heard numerous stories about discoveries, the one about USS Lagarto, an american submarine sunk in the gulf of thailand during second world war, struck me with a desire to be able to go deep.  Being surrounded by tec divers gives you the great benefit of learning just by listening, and as with everything else, the more you learn about something the more exciting it gets.  On the occasional day off on Koh Tao i went to try on a twinset on and ”go for a shallow bubble” or read up in my Tec Deep manual hoping to take the step and actually enroll in the course sometime soon. For some reason that never happened.


When i got back to Sweden after several years of diving in Thailand of course the first thing i wanted to do was to go diving somewhere else. Now the good thing with being back in europe is that it´s so much closer to the Red Sea. Red Sea… A name thats been pronounced with joy and excitement everytime i´ve heard someone telling me about their diving experience in the country of pharaoes.  Ever since i saw Jaques Cousteaus movie Le monde du Silence i´ve wanted to explore the depths of ocean in this end of the world. Last year my friend and colleague Jonas Samuelsson moved to Dahab, Egypt, to focus on technical diving. He then set up Team Blue Immersion. For months i Prepared for my trip by watching videos on youtube, researching the net and ask around for nformation in various diveshops in Stockholm. It was a bit unreal but the day i booked my ticket to Egypt a ton of rocks just fell off my shoulders. Finally i was gonna learn about tec diving, and finally i was gonna dive the red sea. Two dreams come true at the same time as i get to catch up with old friends from Koh Tao. Couldn´t have been better.  An experience is always better if you get to share it with someone. My buddy for this trip was Stoif, an old colleague from Koh Tao nowadays based in the south of sweden. It´s so nice to talk about diving with someone who shares the passion of the ocean.


When we landed in Sharm El Sheik after a suprisingly smooth and short flight from Copenhagen I realized that in my excitement i´ve actually forgotten to write down the address to where we were going, we didn´t even have a phone number. We flipped a coin about what to do and ended up playing the wild card by taking a taxi to unknown destination, telling the driver to go to Dahab and look for Planet Divers.  Not having everything pre organised allows for more room of impulsive experiences. Driving in the desert at night opens your mind and lets the thoughts spinn around freely, it´s dark and warm, lots of sand and you can see the stars clearly. The adventure had started and i felt like home again even though in a new country. We had our divegear and passport with us and thats all really needed anyway. Travelling like travelling was done before, not relying on mobile phones, facebook and instand access to internet reminded me about how thrilling it is, how big and small the world is at the same time and how amazing the nature and culture differences can be.

Having slept only a few hours we met up with tech instructor Erik Brown. Using the dive today attitude it only took an hour or so before we were in the water wrestling with a twinset on our backs, trying to achieve good trim. Having done thousands of dives before and being used to have total buoyancy control in the water this was more difficult than i remembered. Then again me and my buddy, both having quite a bit of teaching scuba experience, put alot of pressure on our selves. We were talking diving day and night.  The first day or two we spent in the shallows practising skills and working on the trim. Zdenek and Erik providing great expertise and many good laughs. I felt like an open water student again but starterd getting the hang of it quite soon. After a few days Jonas and Aron came back from their Iceland expedition and at the same time team holland Paul Diependaal and Ewald arrived to do the Tech Deep course.

One of the most amazing feelings i´ve ever had was the first dive in the Blue Hole. We went quite deep on air and the euphoric feeling of exploring and being in the Arch for the first time was epic. At that moment all world problems disappeared and the blue glow of the open sea on the other side looked so tempting almost inviting. I´ve never been religious but this was like my very first religious awakening. I´d like to steal an expression from Zdenek ”tech diving is my religion and the arch in the blue hole is my church”. I think that describes it pretty well.

Me and Stoif were taking turns on being bad buddy and good buddy. Sometimes not too easy since i´m a depth addict and need space.

I always thought it would be very heavy carrying all these tanks. It is. Until you get in the water. It took a little while to get used to. Using the V-Planner we planned deeper dives together with our fellow buddy team of Jreome and Sophie. I never thought i´d use that much yellow tessi tape. Calculating gas consumtion and deco time we got ready for our first real deep dive to 75 meters in the blue hole. Sophie and i seemed to share an interest in going as deep as possible. Bang bang bang on the tank meant return to your planned depth. I was looking for mermaids and dreaming away. Maybe a bit narced but definately happy. The Blue Hole with it´s magic was singing it´s song trying to get me to follow it´s spirits through the arch down to the bottom of the sea. So tempting, but then the mantra ”plan your dive and dive your plan” kept on running through my head. The dive went really good and already upon descent we started planning for the next adventure. A three digit dive. The ultimate dream of a depth addict. The start of a new era in my diving life. A hundred meters is very deep. The skyscrapers in which i worked in in Stockholm are only 72 meters tall. This was gonna be an experience of a lifetime. Using trimix blends we planned our dive and built up our expectations.  When the big day came we were all really excited and before i knew it i was decending down the Blue Hole to finally do it. Once we reached the bottom my suunto divecomputer read 102 meters. The feeling of achieving a goal i´ve longed for for such a long time was amazing. Before we returned to shallower depths to start our off gassing session i sung a song into my regulator that me and my mate used to sing underwater in koh tao as a tribute to the love of diving.  I´m not sure if anyone heard me but if you did you were not just hearing things there was someone actually singing. The dive was perfect and timing was good. Though the deco stops i watched all the divers in our team relax and collect their thoughts with a glimps in their eyes. This dive i´ll remember forever.

The Tech Deep and Trimix course thaught me alot about diving. Diving has been my passion for many years now and the best thing about it is that it still thrills me. Tec diving has now opened up oportunities of exploration and i´m already planning more and deeper dives. It is so addictive. I decided to stay and enjoy the deep diving in Egypt a bit longer and pick up as much knowledge about technical diving as possible. If you have the same desire about deep diving as me come down to Dahab and join us!

Great Thanks to Team Blue Immersion for the superb training and the enthusiasm that spreads around you guys. And thank you all my buddies during this adventure for an unforgetable experience.
I´m Emmy and i´m a Narcoholic