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Hollis SMS 50 from Team Blue Immersion on Vimeo.

Team Blue Immersion on Icelandic Television, August 2013

April 2014: SMS75 Hollis Sidemount Unit Review by TBIs Erik and Greg

New video January 2014: TBI displaying advantage of using communication system on Liveaboards

January 2014: SeaQuest Exploration liveaboard. Freediving and Technical diving around the world.

The program about 'Diving in Dahab' will be airing on Bella Egypt 14:30 Sunday the 16th of March 2014. — with Erik Brown and Greg DeSatnick.

The program about ‘Diving in Dahab’ will be airing on Bella Egypt at 2:30 on Sunday. — with Erik Brown and Greg DeSatnick.

TBI’s Greg DeSatnick and Erik Brown interviewed by Egyptian television prior to an instructor development skill circuit in lighthouse with Tamara, Canny, Kostas, and Carlos. The program about ‘Diving in Dahab’ will be airing on Bella Egypt at 2:30 on Sunday (16th of March, 2014). — with Greg DeSatnick and Erik Brown.

PRESS RELEASE Alexander Hamilton August 2013

NEWS 2013: Available now – most comprehensive student/instructor technical internship program on the market

Tec Instructor and have your own students? Do it in partnership with Team Blue Immersion Dahab.

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Latest videos from Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical

NEWS FEBRUARY 2013: Monty Halls diving with Team Blue Immersion

Expedition Hamilton by Ocean Reef Trailer from Team Blue Immersion on Vimeo.

TBI and OceanReef in close partnership. TBI new International Training Center for OceanReef.

Consider the possibilities. Boston Childrens Hospital manage to inject life-saving oxygen into a vein

News: This week with Team Blue Immersion
News 2013: Trimix Master Class (200m, Dahab, Egypt). Price and Schedule.

Hollis working with TDI, IANTD and PADI to promote the Explorer

The Team going to 165 meters and get featured in three diving magazines in less than 2 weeks

June 2013. Student and friend of Team Blue Immersion; PADI Executive Trevor Sanford on PADI TV after taking the Sidemount training with TBI in 2013.

Team Blue Immersion, Jill Heinerth and Hollis Gear teaming up and testing the new PRISM II in Blue Grotto, Florida (15th of July, 2012) Read more here.

Partnership between Hollis Gear and Team Blue Immersion: Hollis SMS Video and announcement of Jonas Samuelsson becoming Brand Ambassador for Hollis Gear. 

Latest news in June from Team Blue Immersion and Dahab Divers Technical

Team Blue Immersion is taking over operations of one of the worlds leading Technical Diving Center. Dahab Divers is going to be operated by TBI and owner Dahab Divers

Erik Brown published in The Diving Magazine The Equalizer and Jonas ended up on the cover.

TecRec using blog written by Jonas Samuelsson to discuss why Technical Diving is important in your life.



Dolphins in Dahab – 23rd of February 2012 – Filmed by Team Blue Immersion (Kerry and Aron)

Kerry, Dolphins and Le Grand Bleu from Team Blue Immersion on Vimeo.

Other News

PADI TecRec Technical Rescue Course written by Jonas Samuelsson and Andy Andersson got approved on the 19th of December 2011 by PADI EMEA.

Blue Hole – The Most Dangerous Dive Site In The World? By Erik Brown

New CCR World Record – 283 meters @ Planet Divers

Why are we spending our life’s doing this? Jonas Samuelsson

Read about Blue Immersion sponsor and partner JS Watch Co. in Hong Kong Golfer Magazine

Read about Bears and Jeffs journey to 90 meters – November 2011

Team Blue Immersion and photographer Koby Mercury nominated in the Epson Photo Shoot-Out, November 2011

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