Tec Rescue, Fullface Mask & Communication Systems

NEWS: Promo Video for the OceanReef TDiver IDM (Integrated Diving Mask) and display how easy it is to use OceanReef for both sidemount and backmount. The video is produced, filmed and edited by Team Blue Immersion for the DEMA show 2014.

Ocean Reef Tdivers Integrated Diving Mask Promo from Team Blue Immersion on Vimeo.

Tip of the day: Want to use your Integrated Diving Mask with Backmount and deco. Click here for pics of the configuration TBI use

Technical Rescue Diver and Instructor Course

Technical Rescue Diver and Instructor So it’s finally here! After over a year of hard work and lots of research we have our final product. PADI’s and TecRec’s first comprehensive Technical Rescue Course. Authors of this program is Jonas Samuelsson and Andy Andersson being assisted by Hyberbaric Doctors and other specialists within the Technical Diving Community.

News May 2012: Read Team Blue Immersion member Erik Browns article where he is reviewing Jonas Samuelsson and Andy Andersons Technical Rescue Course written for the TecRec Program at the end of 2011.

During our years teaching diving we realized there is a need for a specialized rescue course for technical diving due to its unique issues dealing with incident with a diver breathing mixed gases. This 4 day course consist of in-depth theory related to Technical Diving and 5 dives/scenarios that includes how to deal with a lost technical diver, oxygen toxicity, lost gas and more scenarios that we pin pointed as the most common reasons for accidents/incidents in the technical diving community.

Articles related to Technical Rescue and Technical Rescue Course Outline

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The course is the first of its kind and at this point only Team Blue Immersion can teach it. We can teach you up to Instructor and Instructor Trainer level for this program where you can use this outline to teach the Technical Rescue Course. Be one of the first in the world with this prestigious level. E-mail us for more information

Integrated Diving Mask (Fullface Mask) and Communication Course

OceanReef Diving Integrated Mask (IDM) Fullface Mask Diver and Instructor

This is a 1-2 day Course where you learn how to use the 5th Generation Fullface Masks. We are using the most advance masks on the market the OceanReef Raptor and GSpace with communication systems that you can use to communicate with your buddy or to the surface crew. We adapt the course depending on your diver level and we configurate the mask and communication system to both single mount, backmount and sidemount.

OceanReef Communication Expert Diver and Instructor

This is also a 1-2 day course where you learn how to communicate both during dives and at the surface acting as surface support to other team divers. We are using the same method as Air Traffic Controllers use when they go through their training.

PADI Executive Trevor Sanford writes about his experience taking the IDM & Comm Course with TBI http://www.padi.com/blog/author/trevorpadi/

Sergio Gamberini, President, Ocean Reef INC.

“I have the pleasure to announce the starting of a new and exciting collaboration with Mr Jonas Samuelsson, Aron Arngrimsson, Erik Brown and Blue Immersion Diving of Dahab – Egypt .Jonas is now a Premium Member of the Team OCEAN REEF and he will be our Ambassador in the Diving World.His operations in DAHAB – Egypt , Blue Immersion , is now starting to operate like our International Training Center”

Expedition Alexander Hamilton / Team Blue Immersion & OceanReef

PADI Specialty Course – Fullface Mask (IDM) OceanReef


Transmission/Reception Table OceanReef @ Team Blue Immersion

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