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Team Blue Immersion – Technical Diving – Education & Exploration

Team Blue Immersion is based in Dahab, and operate globally conducting technical diving education, exploration and film production. Our goal is create public awareness for marine protection and to inspire divers through education and exploration.

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Team Blue Immersion adopts a new philosophy where we break the traditional approach of teaching diving. We replace the previous Instructor / Student relationship with a ‘ Team’ where the students become apart of all aspects of the diving – from the planning to the execution of the dives. By applying a team approach during the course the student already from the start embrace the value of working as a group to increase safety and enjoyment not only during but also after the training is complete


Dahab Divers Technical Video Walkthrough from Team Blue Immersion on Vimeo.

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By being involved in the complete diving experience you will become better prepared to plan and execute dives as a technical diver and team member. Instructor candidates, both recreational and technical, will be better prepared to organize and teach courses.Team Blue Immersion embrace the DIR Philosophy while teaching all technical courses. This means that we apply DIR equipment configuration and skill sets. We believe there is no point of starting any skills practice without proper buoyancy, trim and propulsion. We spend hours, if not days, making sure that you are confident being in a trim position and being comfortable in the use of many different propulsion techniques prior to adding any other skills into the equation. Before starting any skill practice, regardless of training, we ensure that the student master buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques. During the training all skills are conducted in a trim position and with a standardized equipment configuration. Standardization of the equipment has been proven to not only solving problems, but actually prevent them. For any specialized diving activity we add items needed without changing the existing configuration. Our opinion is by teaching any technical diving course with DIR (when we say DIR we mean standardization of the teams equipment suitable for the specific objective you have for a dive, we don’t mean by DIR that only brand is accepted) and as a mindset can only benefit the student and the instructor  candidate. Team Blue Immersion invite you to a life changing experience where you become a part of a unique team consisting of some of the most experienced divers in the world.

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New Products and services 2013/14

Team Blue Immersion are now also offering underwater film and video production down to 130 meters using the same HD Equipment that was used for the BBC Blue Planet Production.

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This website cover three main areas of diving training:

    • TECHNICAL DIVING - (CCR, Overhead, Sidemount, Backmount)
    • PADI IDC & MSDT - (PADI Instructor and Divemaster Course)
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      Our Technical Diving is conducted mainly in Dahab, Egypt. This is due to the fact that Dahab has some of the best dive sites in the world for conducting technical diving. Dahab is  the center of Technical Diving in the world. In Dahab we offer a complete technical diving experience with all the logistics needed for any technical diver out there.

      The Dive center is located on El Fanar Street, Light house, Dahab. Team Blue Immersion is operating Dahab Divers Technical which is considered as the finest technical diving facility in the Red Sea. We have over 50 twins tanks, the only oxygen/helium booster in Dahab, large Bauer compressors, o2 clean membrane filling station, CCRs, cameras, helium analyzers, up to 20 liter tanks, sofnolime, v-weights and everything else needed for technical diving no matter if you dive backmount, sidemount or CCR. We are tech only. 

      Our resort got some 30 rooms dedicated to divers, swimming pool, free wireless internet and perfect location just some 50 meters away from the beach and next to all restaurants in Dahab. We plan the dives the night before and have the tanks filled in the evenings to be prepared for the morning dives. The drive to the Blue Hole takes only 15 minutes and due to that most dives are shore based there is no rush in preparation before the dive and that we can conduct long dives without the added stress of having boat schedules to consider.