Internship Training

Team Blue Immersion’s Diving Instructor Internship in Eilat, Dahab and Koh Tao

A natural extension of the MSDT Preparation Course, this internship includes team teaching with out experienced senior instructors, many of whom have certified over 1000 students and have years of experience behind them

The Internship Program begins by first observing different senior instructors in one of Team Blue Immersions partner schools conduct their diving courses. This exposure to the different methods that instructors use to teach diving is invaluable. Once you receive your teaching status as an Open Water Scuba Instructor you then begin to teach more independently, with the senior instructor present to supervise. The internship training is mainly conducted in Eilat Israel straight after your instructor course with the option to assist in other areas like Koh Tao and Dahab to build up experience in the worlds most popular diving destinations.

A Senior PADI Instructor assess you and provides you with tips and hints that will make your courses more fun and effective both for you and your students.

Certify 25 students
This program is valuable in terms of learning, and even more valuable in terms of employability. Since you will finish the Internship Program with at least 25 certifications, you have a head start at getting employment after the program. You are no longer an instructor who has “just” finished the IE, you have real life teaching experience. Once the Internship Program is completed candidates have normally certified 15 Open Water Divers, 5 Advanced Open Water Divers, 5 Rescue Divers along with a few Specialties like U/W Photographer, Deep Diver and Enrched Air.

The advantage of having this experience when you are applying for a job is enormous. Every candidate who has completed the Internship Program has been able to find a job after the training using PADI online and the contacts builded up during their multilocation training with Team Blue Immersion.

One option, and an example what we mean by multi location training, is to take  the PADI IDC / EFR Instructor and your PADI Instructor Exam in Eilat. Then you complete the MSDT in Dahab Egypt (only one hour drive from Eilat) and then complete your internship training on Koh Tao where you can get up to 100 certifications during your internship training.

For more information about our unique multi location internship training program please contact PADI Platinum Course Director and Technical Instructor Trainer Jonas Samuelsson on

You can also add a Freediving Instructor Course to your internship. You will be guided and trained by one of the most experienced FreeDiving Instructors in the world Akim Adhari. (103 meter Constant Weight).

Welcome to your internship training! No matter if you do the internship in one location or more, you are going to get invaluable tips and hints during your training that you will use on a daily basis working as an instructor.

Jonas Samuelsson receive award from Vice President Henrik Nimb for his contribution to programs like the IDC, MDST and the Internship program