A Career in Diving


PADI Instructor in Eilat Israel

A career in diving can break you out of the normal nine-to-five routine and open the door to adventurous part-time or full-time career possibilities. Like many careers,  dive professionals are envied for the lifestyles they lead. Divemasters schedule and plan dives on yachts, as do Instructors, who also get to teach.

PADI IDC Instructor Course in Eilat November 2010

Instructor Trainers travel to the world’s most exotic locations, while PADI employees are the eyes and ears of the dive industry. What do all these people share? They are all versatile  individuals who love their jobs.

There are endless possibilities and paths  available to take advantage of through the dive industry. Take Jonas Samuelsson as an example. He has  worked as a divemaster, diving instructor, padi course director, diving journalist and photographer, technical diver, dive center manager and technical diving instructor trainer in cold and hot waters in many countries around the world.

Congratulations to Kenneth, Brett, Hakan, Katherine, Ra and Kevin who all passed the PADI Instructor Exam in April 2013

Team Blue Immersion has more experience conducting these programs than any dive team in the world. Jonas Samuelsson created the expression C.O.L.  in 1998 when he became a PADI Course Director. He believes that it is beneficial for anyone who wants to become a diving instructor both recreational and technical instructor to experience different areas within diving. We recommend you to take advantage of the fact that we are teaching these courses in multi-locations. A great example is  the Open Water Course to Divemaster in Koh Tao (the mecca of recreational diving in the world) then you can  continue your professional training with PADI Platinum Course Directors and Trimix Instructor Trainers Jonas Samuelsson and Serge Fitoussi in Eilat ( upcoming area for european recreational divers) and then you can take all the technical diving courses in Dahab Egypt (the mecca of technical diving in the world). After that you have seen some of the absolute top places in the world for diving, you will have discovered and learned the dive sites,you will have got to know many people in the area and experience different types of diving. All things combined will make you a better dive professional and you will have more experiences that you can share with your students no matter if you teach recreational or technical diving courses.

Team Blue Immersion is NOT an agent. We are actual staff/owners of each one of the locations and we will guide and go through the complete process with you. For most courses we personally teach you as well.

Our dive schools are: Planet Divers 5-Star IDC Center in Dahab (this center hosted the technical world record conducted by Nuno Gomes to 318 m), Egypt, U-Dive 5-Star IDC Center Eilat, Israel (the only PADI Platinum Course Directors in Eilat) and Bans 5-Star CDC Koh Tao Thailand (they have got the best logistics out of all divecenters in thailand).

An amazing group of dive centers combined with Team Blue Immersion’s extremely well educated staff (Jonas Samuelsson PADI Platinum Course Director and Trimix Instructor Trainer, Akim Adhari, AIDA/SSI Free Diving Instructor (constant weight 103 meter) and Serge Fitoussi Platinum PADI Course Director and Trimix Instructor Trainer.  These are your instructors from PADI Divemaster Courses, IDC, MSDT, Technical Diving, Free Diving and these are the instructors that will guide you through the process no matter where in the program you are.

Team Blue Immersion and its staff have been teaching more diving instructors than most  teams in the world. With a combined number 4500  instructor certifications -  its hard to beat!

Welcome to Team Blue Immersion, welcome to a new type of professional dive training!

As a PADI Member, you are a part of the most successful company in the industry. There are more than 4000 (and growing) PADI Dive Centers and Resorts around the world, and an overwhelming majority of dive operations are PADI Members. At any given time, there are more positions available for PADI leaders than there are dive professionals to fill them. The bottom line is that whatever dive career path you choose, your PADI credentials will get you where you want to go, faster and easier.

The Change of Life-Style Package takes you from a non-diver to a very experience instructor. There is no better way to start your diving career then being C.O.L.

CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE DIVING PACKAGES -Become a PADI Recreational or Technical Diving InstructorFrom Non-diver
to Experienced Recreatioal and Technical Diving Instructor

New Inclusive Package – including all diving courses from beginner to a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Staff Instructor, Technical Deep Instrutor. Trimix Instructor

PADI Open Water Course including PADI Open Water Manual and RDP Table version
PADI Advanced Open Water Course including PADI Advanced Manual
PADI Rescue Diver Course including Rescue Manual and Accident Management Slate
PADI Divemaster Course including all required materials for PADI Divemaster Course
PADI Assistant Instructor

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor including all required materials in digital format for PADI Instructor Course
PADI EFR Instructorincluding all required materials in digital format for PADI EFR Instructor

Instructor Training Internship
PADI Enriched Air  including PIC and PADI Enriched Air Manual
PADI Enriched Air Instructor including Specialty Instructor Outline
PADI Deep Instructorincluding Specialty Instructor Outline
PADI Navigation Instructorincluding Specialty Instructor Outline  Search and Recovery Instructor including Specialty Instructor Outline

Duration: 8 months
Euro 3900

Additional PADI fees to be paid directly to PADI (Including: Divemaster Application, Instructor Exam, Instructor Application, EFR Instructor Application, 5 x Instructor Specialties, Master Scuba Diver Trainer Application) -

Euro 1200

Accommodation can  be arranged starting from Euro 200 per month on Koh Tao and in Dahab Egypt. Eilat starting from Euro 300 per month.

The above all inclusive package if you already have a diver certification:

If you already are a PADI Open Water Diver
Price: Euro 3700

If you already are a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver:
Price: Euro 3400

If you already are a PADI Rescue Open Water Diver
Price: Euro 2950

If you already are a PADI Divemaster

Price: Euro 2500



Add: Euro 1600 to become DSAT/Technical Deep Diver and Technical Deep Instructor after the training. (additional duration: 2 months, gas and equipment rental is not included in the technical diving add on)


Add: Euro 850 to become AIDA Freediver and AIDA Freediving Instructor (additional duration: 1 month, gas included in this package :-)

For more information e-mail Platinum PADI Course Director Trimix Instructor Trainer Jonas Samuelsson and Akim Adhari, AIDA/SSI FreeDiving Master Instructor