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Congrats Katy and Nat - TBIs latest Instructors - July 2013.

News 2013:

Congratulations to Katy and Nat who passed the PADI IE with all 5s during the IE in July 2013. You are going to be great instructors. Pleasure working with you guys. Now time for MSDT and Tec.

“In April 2013 its exactly15 years ago since Mark Soworka, Jonas Samuelsson and Anders Hjorth completed their PADI Course Director Training Course in Kota Kinnabalu, Malaysia.

To celebrate this the trio is teaching an one-and-only IDC together. The three always looked for an opportunity to teach together and now its happpening. The IDC is going to be conducted in Dahab, Egypt during April 2013.

Congratulations to Hakan, Ra, Katherine, Kevin, Brett and Kenneth for passing the PADI Instructor Exam in April 2013.

Congratulations to our 6 new PADI Instructors that passed in April 2013. Had an amazing time with you guys! Jonas Samuelsson and Mark Soworka (PADI CDs)

For more information contact (Mark) or for the most fun IDC this century :-)

Some words from Jonas

I became a diving instructor after completing the IDC in Stockholm, 1994.

In 1995 I became a MSDT. Choosing  a career in diving was ultimately the greatest decision I have ever made. Since then I have worked as a Divemaster leading divers and have taught divers all over the world how to dive. I was fortunate to work as a diving journalist and photographer for a few years before I completed my PADI Course Director training course and started teaching Instructor Courses. I have had numerous managerial positions and opened up and developed successful diving businesses over the years. Now I am in the next phase of my career where I focus on  Technical Diving.

Your instructor course is the key that will open up so many doors for you. The instructor card becomes your passport that you can use to travel with and find jobs in over 180 countries. There is a huge demand for Diving Instructors and we  are here to help you with job placement after your training. I highly recommend you to look into our internship training which greatly increase the chances of you finding your dream job after you IDC.

If you like diving, interacting with people and  travelling – then just do it!!! – It might be the best decision you will make.

Jonas Samuelsson, PADI Course Director/Technical Instructor Trainer