Freediving Dahab and Koh Tao

Why Freediving with Blue Immersion ?



Blue Immersion Education is one of the first Freediving Schools in the world, firstly Freedive Dahab Egypt, then Freedive Koh Tao Thailand. Everything started in 2004 by former World record holder Lotta Ericson, joined in 2005 by National record holder in all depth disciplines, Linda Paganelli. In 2010 we became the first SSI Freediving Instructor Training Center and have co-written the AIDA and SSI Freediving Education books.


Our Free diving facilities in Koh Tao will provide all ranges of SSI and AIDA courses from beginner to instructor level. We sell and rent diving equipment and we organize several international competitions, record attempts and Freediving events every year. Your Free-diving training will include apnea theory classes, breath hold training, yoga stretching, meditation, pool disciplines, open water depth training and free snorkeling tours around Koh Tao island and Nanyang Island. SSI certification is recognized world wide so students can continue their training experiences around the world in all freedive international or independent organizations.


SSI Training centres are designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace. We will support you with manuals, review questions, videos and specific free diving equipment such as oximeters to make sure you get the best from your training. For your pool and open water training, your instructor will personally fit you with your Freediving equipment and you will have access to the several Koh Tao dive sites with our boat specially built for Freediving activities . You will get enough practice time to adapt yourself to the underwater environment before you move to the open water.


Lotta left Sweden in 2003 and started teaching in 2004, back when seeing a freediver was a rarity. This is how she became friends with Linda and the two of them had no other choice than to start training together. Lotta broke the static breath hold World record in 2004 and she also held most of the Swedish records for a long time. Linda broke all the Italian depth discipline records. Since 2007 they have been teaching full time, mainly training new SSI instructors all around the world. They have been sharing their free diving passion and experience for many years now, always with good will, enthusiasm and lots of smiles.

Lotta ”I love Freediving because of the deep relaxation and peace it brings. Freediving can help you to discover a higher level of body and mind awareness that makes you realise you can achieve more than you may ever have dreamed of”

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