Jon De Ath (TDI TecDiver)2013
“I must confess, after watching the TBI videos and looking at the photos, I was a little apprehensive about doing a course with them in Dahab. They all looked a bit tooooo cool. There was Kurt Cobain who had accidentally stumbled into a Hollis catalogue photoshoot, and over there Thor Heyerdahl in twins, 3 deco bottles and a suspiciously body hugging dry suit. Would they turn out to be a bunch of ‘ego driven super macho tec guru dicks? Nothing could be further from the truth. The incredibly warm welcome and sense of inclusion I felt was refreshing. What really stood out, was the sense that this wasn’t simply a ‘buy this course and you get 4 dives and that’s it’ kind of mentality. I really got the sense that (within reason) you take a course and you do as many dives as it takes to really be confident at that level. Aron gave me the guidance, time and the space to progress confidently, and I came away a far safer and more accomplished diver; exactly what I wanted. So yeah, I’ll be back for more this summer. And that Nirvana front man isn’t dead. He’s just switched to Sidemount…………………..