Ewald Valom
The very next day we started our Tec Deep course. Two Instructors for just two students! We started with equipment explanation and some shallow dives on the house reef (Lighthouse reef) right off the beach next to the dive centre. During these shallow dives we were taught some new skills and we familiarized ourselves with the new equipment. We were struggling quite a bit at the start which made us feel like openwater students all over again but our instructors were very helpful and patient and made sure we mastered all the skills required before advancing to the deeper dives

After two days of shallow diving and hours of practicing trim, trim, trim plus lods of skills over and over again on the house reef we were ready for the deeper dives and Jonas and his team brought us to divesites like Blue Hole with the famous Arch, and Canyons. We had the best dives of our lives! Over 60 meters of visibility, some amazing sceneries and we pushed our depth record to 50 meters! During this final dive we also asked Aron to film us so we have an amazing memory captured on dvd too.