9th of October, 2012, Erin Spencer. Follower of Team Blue Immersion Channel on Vimeo (www.vimeo.com/teamblueimmersionfx)
Hi Jonas and the Blue Immersion team!
How are you? I’ve seen this video before many times, but after watching a documentary on the television tonight on the Great Barrier Reef, caught the tale end of an advert which had used this same music. I recognised it straightaway and then it occurred to me; I knew it from a Blue Immersion video. I had to go straight on to Youtube to watch the video so I could find the song! I’ve just ended up watching the video over and over. Haha. It’s completely awesome. Beautiful and magical. Whoever chose the music is a genius as it fits absolutely perfectly! It’s inspiring, catching and makes me want to go and put all of my equipment on and jump in the ocean! What you guys are doing is truly brilliant, and I just felt compelled to say! Safe diving, Erin 🙂