I did my Advanced Nitrox and Decompression procedures courses with TBI in April of 2016 and was extremely impressed with their professionalism and the quality of their facility. This was my first foray into technical diving and the TBI team seemed to always know how far to push me to ensure I was out of my comfort zone, but not so overloaded that it stopped being fun. My instructor Kerstin and TBI intern Erin were patient, kind, funny and very knowledgeable. They even made doing maths fun for me which has never happened before! I learned an awful lot and hope to return soon to continue my technical training and complete a life-goal of diving the Arch at the Blue Hole. Their facility in Dahab is conveniently located next to an excellent hotel and is walking distance from the Lighthouse training site. Fabulous teachers and really excellent people as well! To quote another world-famous Austrian: “I’ll be back!”