Hollis PRISM II with TDI (Technical CCR)

Team Blue Immersion has chosen the Hollis Prism II as the rebreathKerstin Prism2-1er for both our educational and expedition needs. Its reliability, easy of use, and numerous safety considerations have made it one of the most sought after rebreathers on the market today. It is a major tool used by us here at TBI allowing for increased safety and durations required for both our deep expeditions and film production. Experienced rebreather divers will be amazed at its easy of breathe and dives new to rebreather will love the light weight, simply, yet robust design. Course are taught through both TDI and PSAI where TBI stresses proper procedures and safe diving practices. Learn more about rebreather diving and the Hollis Prism II in one of the best technical diving locations in the world

Mod 1: Depending on previous diving experience, this course will take you to a maximum of 40 m with or without deco based on prerequisites. This course provides the foundation for further rebreather training and stressing the important of working with checklist and rebreather assembly and safety procedures. Buoyancy, unit operation, and safety drill are the focus of the required 420 min in water time.
Duration 6-7 Days

Mod 2: For those divers who have completed the MOD1 foundation course and want to expand their rebreather training in both depth and technique, then this course is for you. Decompression science and bail out considerations are part of the continually evolving theory with further safety and operational procedures stressed in great detail to full utilize the function of a full closed circuit rebreather. The mixed gas and 60 m limit of this course makes Dahab’s Blue Hole (the arch) and canyon systems (Abu Helal, Abu Tahal, Tiger Canyon, the Canyon) the perfect location to continue your PRISM II training.
Duration: 6-7 Days

Mod 3: This course is for those divers who want to take their love for CCR diving to the ultimate level. With a maximum depth of 100 m this course is ideal for those wishing to take their deep exploration or videography career to the next level.
Duration: 6-7 Days

Rebreather courses for PRISM II can be done one request. For more Information about course scheduling and pricing please contact info@teamblueimmersion.com.

While Team Blue Immersion specialized in Hollis Rebreather please don’t hesitate to contact us for information about training in different Rebreather units.

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