In this course we will present and evaluate the benefits and basic skills of full face mask diving and characteristics inherent in the Integrated mask, which is destined to be used by a growing number of divers in the last few years. There are several benefits to diving with this type of mask. According to the OCEAN REEF concept, an Integrated mask should be used when:

  • You want to breath naturally through your nose rather then your mouth.
  • You want freedom to have nothing clenched between your teeth and you want to communicate underwater.
  • You want to increase thermal protection for your face.
  • You want to increase your field vision.
  • You want to integrate multiple functions as lightning, dive information, breathing, and communications in a single compact element.

Student Prerequisites

  • Minimum age 15
  • Have a minimum certification of PADI Open Water Diver(or equivalent)
  • Show proof of 10 logged open water dives beyond training for Open Water Diver certification.