Monty Halls visit Dahab & Team Blue Immersion

Monty Halls diving in Blue Hole

Monty Halls including Monty Hall (Presenter), Kevin Gurr (VR Technology), Rich Stevenson and Dan Stevenson (Diving and Marine Solutions), Andy Talbot (Safety Diver) plus a topside crew is in Dahab this week for some diving. Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical was their choice for logistics, safety divers and gas.

Testimonial From Technical Diving Pioneer Kevin Gurr:

Kevin Gurr has been involved with Technical Diving since its’ inception in Europe. As well as being the first Technical Diving instructor outside the USA, he has led and been a part of many expeditions; the first sport dives on the Britannic in 1997, treasure hunting in the Pacific (and several other locations World-wide), film making and a dive on the Titanic in the MIR submarines to name a few.

Kevin Gurr (VR Technology)

As an engineer and diver he has developed several ground breaking products for the
diving industry from trimix computers to rebreathers in VR Technology Ltd.

“I have been to the Red Sea on many occasions over the years. This time it
was a bit different. On a recent trip to shoot the first program in a new
diving series, the team and I were very pleased to find ourselves working
with the guys from Blue Immersion.

Aron, Eric and Jonas obviously love what they do and have an impressive
track record as diving educators over a large array of Technical Diving

Over our period with them they made time to support us as Safety Divers,
organise and pump gas and run a series of courses for themselves. Pretty
impressive and they obviously enjoyed themselves at the same time which is                                                                                  what it is all about. Thanks Guys! and I look forward to working with you again                                                                                 very soon. Appreciate organising the loan of the pink watch Anne!                                                                                                               It saved the day…..!”

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