2x100m, 2×74 m. The Arch, Neptunes, Cover of DYK Magazine, TMX Bonanza. All in one week!

Gas Blender Diver and Instructor Completed

Great week with Team Blue Immersion. Some spectacular diving with Tony Cooper, Thomas Christiansen, Damien Bell, Rob Stepien, Jack Angus and Alfred Whitman.

Talha to Helal at 55 meters the last week

This week we did 100 meters in the Bluehole, 70 meter dive through the chimney in the Arch, drift from Abu Talha to Abu Helal (where we saw an eagle ray), 74 meter dive in the Neptunes Cave and reversed full Canyon, and some shallow dives in other sites like Lighthouse and Caves.

Neptunes Cave 74 meters

Congratulations to Jack and Damian who completed TDI Advanced Trimix. Alfred who completed Extended Range. Big thanks to Tony, Thomas and Rob for being great support divers on the last weeks deeper diving.

Jack Angus after 65 meter dive

Other news is that Team Blue Immersion and Hollis Gear was featured over 5 pages in the Scandinavian Diving Magazine DYK. Its from dives conducted last year with DYK Editor in Chief Jesper Kjoller. Our collegue and good friend Ola Nielsen ended up on the cover of the magazine and got his 15 min of fame!

Erik is on his way back from his cave diving in Mexico and bringing toys home from Hollis Gear. New lights for all the team. The new LED15 Hollis Light! Cant wait to check it out!

Team Blue Immersion Sweden and Blue Label Thailand is organizing a trip to TBI HQ in Dahab in May. Its 2-3 weeks of Advanced Trimix Diving and Ben from Blue Label is coming in as guest speaker. Going to be a fun couple of weeks!

TBI and Hollis featured in Sidemount Special issue, DYK, Dec 2012

Testimonial from our good friend Jack Angus that finished his Normoxic Trimix course with us in January.

Damo and Aron at 100 meters in the Arch, 19th Jan 2013

“Team Blue Immersion is a world renowned group of exceptional divers.Their knowledge and experience makes their instruction priceless. Jonas, Aron, and Erik have put together great packages and courses for you to make the most of your stay with them.
They’ve got a lot going for them, a great facility, great location, great dive sites and a great team. I’m jealous of you guys and I’ll be heading back for sure!”

Advanced Trimix Weeks with TBI and Blue Label announced (6-19th May, 2013)

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