This week at Team Blue Immersion…

Tony, Kerry and Jonas during a 104 meter dive in the arch

What a great start of the year. Lots of new and old friends came to tec with us and we had some spectacular diving lately.

Damian and Jack completed normoxic trimix course with dives in the arch, Abu Helal and Canyons. Damian is staying to train with us for another month and Jack is coming back later this year for more. Also congrats to Alfred who completed Extended Range this week.

Kerry and Tony finished off their Advanced Trimix Course with a 80 meter dive in the Blue Hole followed by a 104 meter dive after the training was completed. Amazing dive with 40 meter visibility and 23 degrees water temperature at 100 meters!

Thomas is refreshing some tec deep skills with his buddy Rob who is doing his internship.

The next few days we are doing trimix gas blender followed by a dive from Abu Talha to Abu Helal, next day Neptunes Cave and Reversed Canyons followed by Cave diving in Nuwieba (between Dahab and Taba).

Jack and Aron above Bluehole, Dahab

Erik is in Mexico doing some diving and training with our friend Kris Harrison. Read more about Eriks experiences.

This morning i got the question why i love tec diving so much and it made me think of a short article i wrote for PADI/TecRec blog in 2012. Read it here.

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