Technical deep diving bonanza in Dahab with Team Blue Immersion

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Deep diving week with Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical and Pascal Bernabe…

Hollis Gear photo shot in Cave

Not many technical diving centers in the world ever done so many deep dives as with Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical this week. Our old friend Pascal Bernabe was here and TBI conducted support both underwater and on-land. At the same time the members of Team Blue Immersion did a few dives on their own to finish off another amazing season.

Benoit, Jonas, Aron, Ben, Victor, Pascal, Philippe after 150 m.

200m Deep Dive Attempt Trailer – Marc Sluszny with Pascal Bernabe and TBI from Team Blue Immersion on Vimeo.

Pascal and Miro did 150 m on the 15th, Aron and Ben 140 m on the 16th, Jonas and Chris 177 m on the 17th and Pascal, Victor, Phillippe and Francois 150 m on the 18th. So in total 617 meters over 4 days spread over 4 dives. What a year it’s been. We are putting up the 100 best pics of the year in a few days.

We also manage to squeeze in a photo shot for Hollis Gear this week. Aron, Jonas, Erik and Chris went out in SMS100, SMS50, The PRISMII and Hollis backmount and did a dive in caves for the new Hollis Gear European website.

Jonas @ Deco after a 177 m dive.

Thanks to all of you that supported us and for all the amazing moments during 2012. Tomorrow is 2 year anniversary of TBI :-) . All the best…

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