Below you find testimonials from a range of different people who visited Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical. You find Divers, Instructors, Course Directors, Instructor Trainers, Journalists, Authors, Diving Pioneers, World Record holders, Staff from Diving organizations, Engineers and others who speak out about their experiences diving with TBI.

My instructor Erik was very professional, and always seemed to have the knack of focusing on the most important parts of the dive, skills and reviews, and all credit to him, I managed to absorb a lot. read more

UK Tec and Sidemount Diver

I respected your world and you made me one of you. This opened a new layer of diving for me. The one that has no limits, except those of your training and skills. read more

Tsetsi Roustchev

These guys know how to dive. Leading edge dive and gas planning allowed me to enjoy some impressive deep dives without the need to make peace with my gods beforehand. read more

Robert Smith, DIVER Magazine Journalist

I have the pleasure to announce the starting of a new and exciting collaboration with Mr Jonas Samuelsson, Aron Arngrimsson, Erik Brown and Blue Immersion Diving of Dahab read more

Sergio Gamberini, President, Ocean Reef INC.

Thanks for letting me be part of the team and being the best dive companions, mentors and not the least friends ever to walk on Mother Earth. read more

Ola Nielsen, Tec Instructor

This is a an amazing photo,Mr Jonas,one of the best I have seen in a long time,I follow your post daily and I think your work is impeccable.I wish all dive centres around the world while do things as your team does,thank you

Divers Around, Diving Community

Overall I am extremely pleased with the last 3 month I spent in Egypt, learning to teach technical diving in an environment of quality and safety I would have imagined possible before. read more

Benjamin Nobel, Intern