Below you find testimonials from a range of different people who visited Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical. You find Divers, Instructors, Course Directors, Instructor Trainers, Journalists, Authors, Diving Pioneers, World Record holders, Staff from Diving organizations, Engineers and others who speak out about their experiences diving with TBI.

A month of great friendship, superb technical training and epic dives, all in the lovely sunny Dahab. read more

Bear Smith

I have gained many new friends not just in the boys but in the whole of Dahab it is a friendly place, but I gained a family in TBI read more

Tony Cooper, Trimix Instructor

Many thanks for teaching me the course. I really learned a lot of things during my stay over there in your place. read more

Nori-San, Trimix Instructor

I had a fantastic time and from the enormous amounts of laughter and jokes read more

Anders Holmberg, PADI Course Director

For those divers looking for serious diving education in the area of Dahab, Teem Blue Immersion, not only has the high educated crew but also the facility read more

Juan Rodriguez, TDI Instructor

Your work in the field of diving is unsurpassed read more

Mike Sobel, PADI Course Director

There was really only one place to visit…. The technical Divers Mecca of Dahab and the opportunity to dive the Blue Hole. read more

Jeff Glenn, PADI Course Director

Team Blue Immersion, formed with only the best in the World read more

Samir Masri, Trimix Instrucor

None are even close to you. you are number one. read more

Mahmoud Sherazi, Instructor

Everything was available and nothing was too much trouble , sorb, very accurate tmx fills, deco cyls, straps, all the little tiny clips you need, even a VR3 battery tool. read more

Jamie Macleod, Technical IT, Founder of the US Submarine. Lagorto.